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I think it’s good to be shocked these days, I’m always down for a wtf moment are you? I’ve had a few of them today and it didn’t happen by chance. I was taking a look though the so called “wtf network” and so far it was really living up to it’s name. They have a decent range of sites and some really cool porn niches, mostly it’s all the usual stuff like college sex, teen sex, massage porn and even some public sex. Now out of all the sites on offer here one really caught my eye. It was none other than Panda Fuck, I know right that name! Here you get to see someone dressed up in a Panda outfit fucking the hell out of some tight teen pussies while wearing a strap-on sex toy. I knew this shit was crazy but holy crap!

Now I never said I didn’t like it, in fact I found myself glued to the screen. I must have watched almost every sordid sex scene on the site and still I found myself wanting more. The crazy action didn’t end there, the more I looked around the WTF Pass deal the more I liked. Besides having some of the wildest content online they also have a collection of sites to back it up. I could go on and on about this site but I feel it’s best you take a look for yourself, do that right now with this WTF Pass discount pass here!

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