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I don’t think I could do it, so these are some brave souls. I would never give out my naked pictures or homemade porn videos (you have them too, don’t lie). I don’t think I could knowingly distribute my naked self for all the internet, and therefore the world, to see. I could definitely send it to one person at a time, but this site is way beyond that. If you want to see 6,000+ female amateur contributors taking nudie pics and porn videos and submitting them for shits, giggles, and cash or compliments, then here’s where you can get your I Shot Myself discount of 34% off.

Sure, it’s marketed as an artistic endeavor for girls to “express themselves” and while I’m sure there’s truth there, the point is, you’re getting naked chicks showing off their bodies. True exhibitionists, I say. What’s even better, I think, is you could a wide range of ladies here. They’re young and they’re older, they’re thinner and chubbier. You’ll have some variety on babes and whatever ‘sexy’ means to you.

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